Meet the team

Musical Director – Adam Summers 

Adam started his musical life relatively late, taking piano and clarinet lessons from the age of 14. He went on to study the bassoon and composition at the Royal Northern College of Music. Having been offered a scholarship to complete a Masters degree, he also began researching early stages instrumental pedagogy technique. Adam has performed regularly across the country in orchestras and chamber groups, but quickly sought to develop the creative process of young people. He began working with children as the vocal lead for Sefton Music Hub and as a practitioner of performing arts with Artis Education. As a multi-instrumentalist, Adam teaches students from ages 8 to 68 and works as a conductor, arranger and accompanist for singers and instrumentalists around Greater Manchester and the north of England


Accompanist – Joshua Dawson Josh

Joshua has been playing piano since the tender age of 4, in solo performances, band scenarios and accompanying soloists and choral groups. After leaving the rural confines of the West Country – complete with Druids, crop and stone circles – Joshua has been Greater Manchester-based for five years and, despite the occasional existential (rain-based) moments of despair, very much enjoys living up here. Following his graduation from the University of Manchester studying Music, Joshua made the ruthlessly pragmatic decision to convert to Law and become a lawyer. Now consumed by regret, he has come stumbling back, a balding prodigal son, keen to develop his piano playing, accompaniment, and Musical Directing skills within the beautiful sounds of Cantare. Joshua looks forward to performing with Cantare for the foreseeable future. Joshua also plays guitar, piano accordion, saxophone, organ, electric bass (poorly) and drums (terribly) and is generally keen to ensure there is – always, now and forever more – bountiful music in his life, irrespective of genre, context or purpose.


The committee Some choir members serve on our committee and help with administration, publicity, etc.

Jackie Holt (chair)

Helen Golding (secretary)

Mary Jackson (treasurer)

Christine Foggon and Mary Jackson (music librarians)

Cornelia Stirzaker (membership secretary)

Joanne Eaves (communications & website)

Vacant (wardrobe)

Carol Ostell (social secretary)